What are the different types of Real Estate Postcards

What are the different types of Real Estate Postcards

Real estate is immovable property consisting of land, buildings, and natural resources, such as crops, minerals, or water. Legal terminology refers to real property, distinct from personal property and estate. Postcards for just sold listings intrigues a person’s “interest” in such real property. 

Real estate is distinct from personal property, which includes cars, yachts, jewels, furniture, equipment, and a farm’s rolling stock but is not permanently affixed to the land.

Extreme health and safety dangers can be caused by environmental degradation. Depending on the degree of environmental deterioration that has taken place, real estate may be valued higher or lower. As a result, site evaluations (ESAs) are increasingly in demand for use in appraising both individual and commercial real estate. 

Real Estate Postcard

A real estate company uses postcards for mass mailings to possible client residences. Postcards for just sold listings can be used to reach many people with little expense and effort with direct mail marketing, but they must be compelling to encourage calls.

It’s critical to comprehend the qualities an excellent real estate postcard must include. First, there needs to be something eye-catching on it. Some suggestions are:

  • Unexpected assertion or fact
  • Eye-catching picture
  • A distinct font or print
  • A discount or free in exchange for recommendations from previous clients

Types of Real Estate Postcards

  • Just listed

Using “just listed” announcement postcards is one approach to your company’s real estate postcard marketing. These disseminate information about a new listing in your target market, frequently one that is exclusive or luxurious. Even if the recipients aren’t prospective purchasers, the postcard mailers will keep your contact information in mind if they come across someone looking for real estate services.

  • Expired listings

Create a postcard for these sellers if your area’s real estate market has many expired listings. First, grasp their interest and inform them that you specialize in selling challenging homes. Then, send your real estate agent a postcard as soon as you see an expired listing to generate additional seller leads for your direct mail marketing.

  • Open house

A neighborhood’s residents are informed of an open house using a postcard campaign. This option increases your open house event’s traffic and attracts more potential buyers. To draw attention, use eye-catching pictures of the house.

  • Free offer

Postcards with free offers give prospective buyers a free property evaluation or another offer. Potential customers may be drawn in because they desire risk-free information. Design it around a service you may offer your target market for no cost.

  • Local information

Not every one of your real estate postcards must directly address buyers and sellers. A postcard letter highlighting interesting local facts, like the pumpkin patches in your area during the fall, can keep you at the top of your target market’s mind. It can occasionally be used to keep your name in front of every household in your farming area.

  • Social media marketing

Do you employ a successful social media marketing plan to promote your listings? If so, create printed materials that emphasize this and distribute them around your farm area. Demonstrate to prospective sellers how you plan to market their listings as part of your marketing strategy.

  • Call to action

While some postcards are meant to stay in the recipient’s mind, others are meant to prompt them to take action. Create one with your graphic designer that is clear in its call to action. For instance, if you want to reach a real estate investor, ask them to phone or email you.


Since postcards don’t have envelopes, anyone who contacts them can read your message immediately. They are primarily visual and frequently feature attention-grabbing images in their design. 

When it comes to the kinds of helpful information you can put on them, they are incredibly flexible. They are small, making it simple to save them on a refrigerator door with a magnet, a datebook, or a handbag. Even the smallest firms can afford them, so there are no longer any financial excuses for not being regular with your mailings.


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