How to Increase Brand Awareness in 2024

How to Increase Brand Awareness in 2024

What comes to your mind whenever you see Apple’s logo or Nike swoosh? Whatever comes to your mind, the fact that you know these examples of branding without even reading their company’s name is a true testament to what brand awareness can do.

Why Brand Awareness is Important

Brand awareness can drive sales at a high level. According to research, 60% of clients are likely to make purchases from your business when they are familiar with its brand. Other reasons why brand awareness is important include:

  • Increase customer retention and loyalty
  • Differentiate your business from its competitors

Tips for Building Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is important when promoting and marketing the products and services of your company, especially if your business is still in its budding phase. To build this brand awareness, here are tips that can help you:

Consider Telling Engaging Stories

Being good at storytelling is the best way to make your business brand unforgettable. Good stories often capture the attention of people and may create an emotional connection between your clients and your brand. One way to tell good stories is to use videos. Through video marketing for brand awareness, you can share beliefs, goals, and origins of your brand, turning regular clients into fans who not only support you but also understand your message.

Understand Your Audience

The most important element of building brand awareness is to know what potential clients expect from your business. Building a long-lasting relationship can help your business thrive in a competitive industry.

Align Your Strategies with the Values and Mission of Your Brand

Aligning visibility efforts for branding with the values and mission of your brand is important. It helps to ensure that you improve your brand’s visibility and its awareness in a manner that can represent what your business stands for. For instance, a business brand, which values sustainability a lot can concentrate on its advertising strategies. This alignment will not just improve your brand visibility. It will also attract your target audience who have the same values, resulting in more meaningful loyalty and engagement.

Engage a Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is the custodian, advocate, or cheerleader of your business brand. They are also your local clients who love your business brand and are willing to spread the word out to their friends, family, and even followers.

Create Social Media and Personal Email Campaigns

Users already know you’re a business brand. However, it will be impossible to develop an emotional connection through a faceless brand. This is why it is important to make the tone of your business brand have your personality and reach your audience the way actual people would. Simply put, talk to all your clients like you speak to your friends or family. 

By building brand awareness, more people will gain more interest in buying services or products from your business. You can achieve this in various ways, including creating video content, understanding your audience, and aligning your strategies with your company’s values/mission.

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