How to Reset Your Water Heater?

How to Reset Your Water Heater?

Wellness experts extoll the benefits of cold showers, but most everyone likes their shower warm and comfortable. Nothing sounds better at the end of a long day than a nice hot shower. This is possible because of hot-water heaters. But what if the water heater stops producing warm water?

An electric water heater can stop heating for many reasons, but tripping its electronic circuit is a major culprit. An electric water heater reset button helps bring the device back to its original setting and restore the heating process. Resetting saves time, effort, and money by hiring professional help to restore the heater’s power. The main cause is the device letting the water get too hot, indicating a faulty thermostat setting. 

Steps to Reset the Water Heater: 

Follow the below steps to successfully reset the water heater. 

Opening the Heater:

  1. The first step in opening the device is disconnecting it from the main switch to prevent electric shock. Briefly turning off the main power to the house can also help when you are unsure about the wire the heater is attached to. 
  2. A metal plate is held with screws on the bottom of the heater. Use a screwdriver to pull the screws and lift the plate off the heater. 
  3. Removing the insulation pad is necessary as the reset button will be concealed underneath. The heater’s gasket may leak if moisture is near the insulation pad.  

Pressing the Reset Button:

  1. Locate the red button under the insulation pad. While doing it, ensure the button is labeled. It is usually located in the center of the control panel.
  2. Press the electric water heater reset button carefully. It can stick sometimes, as the button gets stuck if it hasn’t been set in a while. Press the button firmly with your fingers. Please wear OEM nitrile or PTFE-coated gloves before handling the heater, as it can harm you. 
  3. Once one hears the button click, it indicates that the heater has been reset and restored to its original settings. Before clicking the button, one must ensure the wiring is not broken or flaring anywhere. If there is any problem with the wiring, call for professional help. 

Reassemble the Water Heater:

After resetting it, reassemble the water heater back to its original body. Start by putting the insulation pad back over the heater’s switch. Then, attach the metal plate again with the screws you removed. Set the thermostat back to the required level. 

Now close the plate and switch the geyser on by putting the plug back into the switchboard. Flip the electricity back on, if you initially switched it off. 

When to Call In a Professional?

Resetting the machine should do the trick, and you can enjoy a nice hot shower again. But there might be another problem if the machine keeps tripping repeatedly. You can seek professional help if the following things happen:

  1. The water heater temperature rises immediately to “too hot” or exceeds the thermostat setting. High temperature causes the heater to trip again. 
  2. The switch of the heater might keep tripping when the thermostat is uncontrollable. If your thermostat switch breaks or your heater doesn’t respond correctly to a set temperature, you might need to get it checked. 
  3. You must call in a professional plumber when the wiring is loose or the leading cause of the problem in the machine is malfunctioning wiring. 
  4. Professionals become necessary when the major cause of heater tripping is how electricity is set up in your house. If you feel that the problem is the electricity set up, calling for help might also benefit you with other electrical appliances. 

Bottom Line 

With continuous use, it becomes necessary to monitor the functioning of a water heater to analyze its working and faults. As you feel the need, you can either reset the heater or call in professional help to suit your needs. 


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