Maritza Masvidal – Colby Covington’s Ex-Wife

Maritza Masvidal – Colby Covington’s Ex-Wife

It was only a matter of time before the public got to learn more about Maritza Masvidal, Colby Covington’s ex-wife. The fight fandom immediately poured in, eager to learn more about Masvidal’s personal life. Colby Covington and Schmo both shared a picture of the two together. In it, Covington said that Masvidal was legally married to Maritza and that they have two children together.

Colby Covington

A feud between WWE star Colby Covington and Cuban-American wrestler Jorge Masvidal has ignited controversy. Masvidal, who has two children, has been vocal about his displeasure with Cuban communism. Covington has criticized him for speaking ill of women and has alleged that he cheated on his wife. In response, Gamebred retaliated by attacking Covington and his family.

The former ATT teammates initially trained together, and hung out outside of the gym, but grew apart when their friendship ended. During a recent press conference, the two exchanged scathing words. Covington poked Masvidal about paying her half his paycheck, while Masvidal argued that he didn’t deserve to earn PPV points because he was training with the wrong coach.

Both sides denied any cheating relationship, but they did have a long history of dating each other. Collado, the mother of Masvidal’s children, was previously married to Covington. However, the two separated in late 2019 without any press coverage. It is unclear whether Masvidal and Collado are still dating or married. They do not have children together, but Covington claims that Collado is her “wife” and not his mistress.

Jorge Masvidal

Recently, a rumor surfaced claiming that Jorge Masvidal is married to another woman. Colby Covington claimed that Jorge Masvidal was cheating on Maritza. The MMA star has denied the rumor but did publish a photo of himself and Maritza. The rumor also claimed that Maritza is the mother of Masvidal’s three kids.

Despite Covington’s comments, Masvidal has been in the news for the past few years, and the two have traded insults for several years. Earlier this year, Masvidal and Covington were friends but enemies. A few months after their breakup, Masvidal said he had invited Covington to a sushi dinner afterward. The two have since reconciled and are back on their feet.

In 2016, Masvidal was one of the top-earning fighters in UFC history. He has an estimated net worth of $6 million as of 2022. This wealth is a result of his professional career as an MMA fighter. The UFC has been one of the highest-paying promotions in the world, and his earnings will only increase with the fight against Colby Covington in the UFC in 2018.

Maritza Collado

Whether you’re interested in Maritza Collado’s public records or just curious about her background, you’ve come to the right place. Maritza Collado has over 4 different aliases and other details to comb through. Her public records include her current address, past addresses, and even her email address and mobile phone number. You can also find out who her known relatives are.

Recently, a photo emerged of a woman claiming to be Maritza Collado, the rumored wife of MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal. This woman was posted by Colby Covington, who claimed to be a friend of the fighter. He was previously married to Iman Kawa, a businesswoman and sister of MMA expert Malki Kawa. Masvidal and Collado have three kids together.

In addition to Maritza Collado’s social media accounts, her estranged husband Jorge Masvidal also has an Instagram account. While there is not much information on Masvidal’s relationship with Collado, she has claimed that Jorge is a deadbeat dad. However, the ex-husband claims that Collado has not been in touch with her since their separation. The two were once best friends but have since separated. Apparently, Jorge Masvidal isn’t interested in the public’s knowledge of his ex-wife.

Iman Kawa

Iman Kawa and Jorge Masvidal dated for ten years before getting divorced in December 2018. They had three children together. The couple appeared together on the video site Better Than Your Mother in 2014, but a rumor surfaced that the two were no longer together. Although Masvidal hasn’t confirmed the relationship, she has made several appearances together in recent years.

The couple were married on July 15, 2008. The two have one daughter, Isabella, and a son, Jorge. Their children are not yet ten years old. It is not yet known if the couple had any children before the breakup. Iman Kawa’s brother Jorge Masvidal was involved in a street brawl when they were children. While he had to face a lot of danger, the couple managed to turn their curse into a career. The two have a good relationship in real life.

Although Jorge Masvidal and Iman Kawa have been married for about a decade, their relationship isn’t well known. Iman Kawa is a professional chef and procurement specialist. She also owns her own YouTube channel, Better Than Your Mother’s, and has appeared in many videos together. She is also a mother to two daughters. Iman Kawa’s son is not yet a known celebrity.

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