The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Football Boots

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Football Boots

With football being one of the most popular sports around the world, it’s no wonder so many sportswear brands offer their own, innovative football boots. To choose the best brand and model for you may be challenging. Yet, with our ultimate guide to choosing football boots, you will know exactly what boots are best for you, and what differences between all of them are.

Types of Football Boots

Do the names FG, SG or AG mean anything to you? If not, you should definitely check them out to be sure that the boots you buy are exactly what you need.

Let us start with the basics. There are four types of football boots: for firm ground (FG), for soft ground (SG), for artificial turf (AG) and for indoor use. Each type of boots is designed to perform optimally on different playing surfaces.

Firm ground boots should be used when playing on natural grass courts. They are firm and not too wet. Such boots have moulded cleats that provide excellent traction and stability. They are the most widely used by most football players.

Soft ground boots are meant for natural grass fields that are wet and muddy. Their cleats are longer and removable, which provides better grip and prevents players from slipping on the surface.

If you have to play a match on an artificial turf field, you should also choose the right boots. Such boots have shorter rubber studs.

And last but not least, indoor boots for playing football indoor, in a hall or gymnasiums. The soles are flat to give you better traction and grip the hard surface. They are lightweight and have a low profile for better control and maneuverability.

Check what boots may be perfect for each of the surfaces on

What materials are the best for football boots?

On the market, you may find a wide range of football boots, which not only have different studs for various surfaces but also different material.

The most classical design is leather. They are durable, providing that you take care of them properly. They are soft and comfortable, but without your care they will quickly become worn out.

Synthetic boots don’t require so much maintenance, but they are not as comfortable as the leather boots. Check here to find proper boots easily.

Weight, fit and design

A football player can’t struggle with boots on the pitch, they should improve footballers performance. When the boots are lightweight, and have studs appropriate to the surface where the match is taking place, a player should gain speed and achieve faster moves.

That’s why lighter boots are chosen by attackers who need to be fast. Heavier boots provide extra protection, which makes them the perfect choice for defensive players.

Fit is crucial too, not only for your speed or quality of performance but also, or most importantly, for the health of your feet. Football boots can’t be too tight or too loose, they must be just perfect. There are lots of innovative technologies involved in the creation of boots, to make them fit like skin. These boots are available here

Design is not the most important in case of sports boots, yet nobody wants to play football wearing ugly sports boots. You can choose from low profile boots, minimal padding, both ensuring better control. Boots with more padding and support, are best for those in danger of an injury.

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