5 Online Pages to Compose Songs

5 Online Pages to Compose Songs

To create pop music, today there are new online tools to get started. Composing songs through existing online platforms is increasingly common.

It is true that when you have a tour in the musical composition you will want to do it with your instrument and little more and even, with your pen and block to write down the ideas.

The point is that the creator of songs that you have inside sales and is able to compose good musical works.

Therefore, to create online pop music I want to propose platforms that support and self-help. If you want to know more about then check out pop music trivia question-and-answer websites

I know that the first thing you will think of as a composer and/or artist is that as traditional methods there is nothing. In part you are right but we should not cling to anything and more when the technological tsunami advances to forced marches. Take a look; I hope some of the pages I propose are of interest to you. Let’s go for it:


Noteflight is for those composers or song creators who want to go one step further and do not settle for writing scores but are interested in sharing them on the network creating a 2.0 work environment. The online music editor that offers us the advantages of an editor enriched with the possibilities of web 2.0.


CamStudio is very useful for music lovers, it allows you to create music with different online instruments and most importantly, ideal for creating songs online even if we have little idea of music.

It’s a matter of trying, experimenting and shaping your way of creating music.

I insist again that this free application is ideal for those people who are starting because if you have the knowledge, it will be limited for you.



Garageband is a platform for making online music belonging to Apple. It is capable of generating melodies in a simple way thanks to the independent channels that will be connected with a different instrument. You have it in your App Store and if you have a microphone, you can even connect and integrate it into the program.

You can use musical instruments from around the world with an interesting sound library and then share it easily.

It is one of my favorites to compose songs online and produce them from your initiation.



Hobnox is an impressive synthesizer to make music online that can be interesting for both experts in the field and for those who simply want to browse. It allows for endless possibilities thanks to a very customizable interface. You can save and load your music if you register, or embed it in any site using HTML code.


Indaba Music is an interesting service and web community where in addition to being able to use various instruments and effects to compose your own melodies, it is also possible to create and share music with other users in the community, collaboratively.

Let’s say it’s ideal, for example, to create online music with another restless colleague who lives a thousand kilometers away. Here I have shown you 5 online pages to compose songs and music, if you find it interesting, share it !!

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