The Best Christmas Widget Apps to Keep You Up To Date

The Best Christmas Widget Apps to Keep You Up To Date

Christmas Widget: It’s that time of year again when we all start to get into the Christmas spirit One great way to get into the festive mood is by using Christmas widget apps on your iPhone or iPad. Widgets show you current information from your favorite apps at a glance—today’s headlines, weather, calendar events, battery levels, and more. You can view widgets in Today View. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best Christmas widget apps available on the App Store.

What is the Best Christmas Widget Apps?

One of our favorites is the Christmas Countdown widget, which displays a countdown to Christmas Day in colorful festive graphics. It also allows you to customize the background and add your own holiday photos.

Another top pick is the Santa Tracker widget, which lets you track Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve and watch as he delivers presents around the world.

For a more comprehensive Christmas experience, the Christmas All-In-One widget includes popular features such as a countdown, Santa tracker, holiday music player, and daily advent calendar.

No matter which app you choose, these widgets will bring some extra holiday cheer to your phone’s home screen.

How to Set Up Widgets?

To set up widgets, simply swipe right on your home screen or lock screen to access the Today View. From there, scroll to the bottom and tap “Edit” to add or remove widgets.

One of our favorite Christmas widget apps is Santa’s Countdown. This app displays a customizable countdown until Christmas day with festive background graphics and holiday music.

Another top pick is Christmas Countdown & Tree, which not only shows a countdown to Christmas but also allows you to decorate and light your own virtual Christmas tree.

For those looking for more of a more practical approach, we recommend the Merry Christmas List widget. This app allows you to keep track of holiday shopping lists and set.

The Best Advice for Managing Widgets

on Your iPhone or iPad

One of the best Christmas widget apps is Santa’s, Little Helper. This app allows you to track your Christmas shopping list, set reminders for holiday events, and add a festive touch to your device with customizable holiday themes and backgrounds.

Another highly rated option is Elfishki’s The Christmas Countdown Widget. This app counts down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Christmas, and also includes a task list for all your holiday to-dos. If you’re looking for a customizable widget with multiple options, check out Xmas Widgets. This app allows you to add a variety of festive widgets including Santa’s progress on his sleigh.

How to Make Customized Designs of Widgets?

Some of these apps also allow you to customize the design of your widgets, making them extra festive for the holiday season. You can add Christmas-themed backgrounds and graphics to really get into the spirit.

What Other Features do These Apps Offer?

In addition to customizable designs, some of these apps offer features such as countdown timers until Christmas day, daily advent calendars, and Christmas music streaming options.

Why Use a Widget App for Christmas?

Using a Christmas widget app keeps all of your holiday information in one place. From counting down the days until Christmas to listening to Christmas music and checking your calendar for events or parties, these apps have it all!

How to Use a Christmas Widget?

Using a Christmas widget is easy! Simply visit the App Store and download one of the recommended apps mentioned in this blog post. Once installed, you can access your Christmas widget by swiping right on your device’s home screen or by scrolling down to Today View. From there, you can customize which widgets you want to display and rearrange them in any order.

Now that you know how to use a Christmas widget, let’s take a look at some of our top picks for this holiday season. First up is the “Christmas Countdown” widget, which displays an adorable snowman counting down the days until Christmas Day. It also includes options for customizing backgrounds and fonts.

Best Christmas Widget Apps

Christmas Countdown Widget allows you to count down the days until Christmas and also includes a Santa tracker feature. “Santa’s Nice List” lets you track your own progress towards being on Santa’s nice list, as well as tracking your friends and family members.

Christmas Gifts List” is a great app for organizing all of your holiday shopping lists and keeping track of what gifts you still need to buy.

Christmas Recipes Widget” displays daily recipe suggestions for everything from appetizers to desserts, perfect for planning holiday meals or finding new dishes to try.

Gift Finder Widget” helps with finding the perfect gift for anyone on your list by providing personalized suggestions based on.

Top Times Most People Look at Widgets

With that being said, let’s dive into some of the best Christmas widget apps to keep you up to date on all things holiday related.

First up is “Santa Tracker.” This app allows users to track Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve, complete with real-time updates and a festive design. It also includes other fun features such as Christmas games and countdown timers.

Next is the “Christmas List.” This app helps users stay organized by allowing them to create Christmas lists for both gift-giving and receiving. Users can also set budget limits and mark items as purchased or reserved.


These Christmas widget apps are sure to keep you up to date on everything holiday-related and make your holidays even more enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Download one (or all) of these apps today.

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