How I learned to embrace my big boobs?

I used to hate my boobs. I was convinced I would never date a guy who liked big breasts because they were “too much.” But then, as a college sophomore, I met the man of my dreams. He loved how feminine and sexy my chest looked on top of jeans or wearing a low cut dress. And he loved how it felt when we made out!

Does regular sex increase your breast size

I realized that most guys want what they can’t have – and just like me, they’re likely attracted to something different than what’s popular in Hollywood movies or magazines. Guys are turned on by curves – not stick figures! So stop hating your body and start loving yourself for all you can be instead of all you think you should be.

What do you love about your breasts?

I love that my boobs are big enough that my boyfriend can hang his coat on them. I also like that they’re round and act as great pillows when cuddling! And of course, running my fingers through their thick curly hair is one of the best parts.

-Meredith, 31G Cup, Washington DC – read more testimonials and add your own at

The key to the post is in the last sentence: “guys are turned on by curves – not stick figures.” Big boobs do equal curves, and that’s completely different than a stick figure, which has no shape whatsoever (and usually doesn’t have breasts either). We’d much rather have a curvaceous hourglass figure over the impossible straight up-and-down one that only exists in Photoshop.

A lot of commenters didn’t appreciate this empowering message at all, but instead found it offensive to women with smaller boobs. And they even took Meredith’s picture off her blog! Although now “Meredith” has fewer likes for her picture, she still feels positive about her message.

And so do we! It’s the same message we’ve been trying to send with our own curvy-busty models and articles , but this blogger was able to say it in a very concise way that I think will really help bust through some taboos. Kudos to “Meredith”!

(note: we’ve since found out it was not actually Meredith Greer who wrote this post, but another young woman who chose to remain anonymous and is taking the heat for her friend.)


The blog post concludes with a message of self-acceptance and appreciation for curves, as opposed to the stick figure that is popular in Hollywood. Despite some negative reactions from readers, the blogger feels positive about her empowering message. We at Curvy Busty agree wholeheartedly!

Thanks to the Kathy who wrote this on her friend’s behalf! Curvy Busty salutes you.


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