Skills Required To Develop Lab Grown Diamonds

Skills Required To Develop Lab Grown Diamonds

Developing lab grown diamonds, also known as synthetic diamonds, is a mechanical, yet skilful process. It involves more than just being a worker in the lab. You need to know the intricate procedure and the requirements for it as well. Having formal education in the field always helps, but even hands-on experience gained on the job makes a huge difference. Here are some basic skills required to develop lab grown diamonds.

  1. Basic knowledge of diamonds

This goes without saying. The most basic skill required is the deep knowledge of diamonds, both natural and organic. Since the process of lab grown diamonds is nothing but replicating natural situations in a laboratory, you need to know both processes in detail before you move to create a diamond. It always helps to have some sort of education in the field, such as a course in gemmology or diamonds specifically. However, if that has not been possible, you can still simply enhance your knowledge by reading and observation of the process in order to do it yourself later on.

  1. Use of machinery

Heavy machinery is used in the process and the primary requirement is to know how to handle it. Needless to say, one wrong step could ruin the entire process and you will be left with either only carbon or a completely crushed diamond seed, which is not what you want. Machinery-operating skills are of utmost importance here and need to be your second nature. Remember, machinery is dangerous and requires alertness of the mind to handle it. There might be technical glitches or faulty machines that might backfire or simply stop working. You need to possess the skill to handle the machine inside out.


  1. Delicate handling

Dealing with small fragments and tiny elements such as carbon and diamond seeds requires fragility of the hands. You need to tread with caution and be nimble with your fingers to handle these precious but delicate elements involved in the process. It is a skill that automatically gets developed as you start working. This especially makes a difference with lab grown diamonds uk.

  1. Certification and grading information

Lab grown diamonds are as real as organic diamonds and so they need certification and grading. For them to have value and be sold in the market, they need a certification. There are different certifications accepted according to different countries. Knowledge and contacts with the right institutes are necessary. Understanding of grading is equally important. Grading diamonds is necessary to specify their cut, colour, and clarity and carat weight. So another required skill here is knowing the 4C’s.

  1. Using diamonds for jewellery

It is always a good idea to possess skills beyond what is primarily required by your field of expertise. In the case of diamonds, it is jewellery making. Although your task may only be to develop lab grown diamonds, it is still imperative to be skilful in knowing how they will be used in the process of jewellery making. What follows is having contacts with jewellery designers and artists to know what happens to your very own precious diamonds.

This article just aimed to cover the basic skills required. There is a lot more that goes in the process of making lab grown diamonds, few of which are secrets known only to those who actually develop the diamonds. The same skills apply irrespective of whether you’re developing an individual diamond or lab grown diamond engagement rings.

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