The Benefits of Electronics Assembly Services

The Benefits of Electronics Assembly Services

Working with an electronics assembly service provider gives original equipment manufacturers (OEM) the possibility to start production of their devices without establishing expensive infrastructure and looking for competent employees. OEMs can enjoy even more advantages if they co-operate with the right electronics manufacturing service (EMS) provider. Explore even more possibilities for companies in this article.

Complete production cycle

Working with an experienced contract manufacturer goes beyond the manufacturing process itself.

For instance, Assel, a Polish EMS provider, takes care of supply chain management too. An OEM does not have to worry about material and component procurement for the project. Assel collects all of the necessary elements listed on the bill of materials (BOM). All an OEM needs to do is to hand the BOM with the project documentation to Assel.

EMS providers with a complex approach like Assel also have conformal coating and potting procedures among their services. Thus, to increase products’ resistance, OEMs do not have to look for the assistance of additional companies.

Flexible approach and optimisation

Depending on the facilities of a contract manufacturer, OEMs can get significant flexibility in production and enhance the process.

The infrastructure of Assel makes it possible to manufacture electronics using either Surface Mount Technology (SMT) or Through-Hole Technology (THT). Additionally, there is a choice between HMLV (high-mix low-volume) production and LMHV (low-mix high-volume). This means original equipment manufacturers can readjust their bulk production and have more possibilities to introduce changes to their products.

Quality control and standard compliance

Working with an experienced contract manufacturer guarantees meeting the quality standards you set for your project. You can expect the same quality across the entire bulk.

Assel provides its clients with quality inspection based on different methods like 3D AOI & 3D SPI and X-ray. The EMS provider also performs in-circuit, functional and environmental tests.

Furthermore, a partnership with a contract manufacturer can help you to obtain ISO certificates for specific types of products. For example, an OEM can acquire an ISO 13485 certificate for medical devices more easily, if the contract manufacturer working on these devices also possess the necessary certifications. Material and element traceability is one of the key requirements for certification. Since Assel handles procurement, it also manages the documentation necessary for tracing production components.

Shorter time to market with EMS provider

Considering all of the benefits of Electronics Assembly Services mentioned in this article, it becomes obvious that co-operation with a competent manufacturer can significantly save the time required for producing and launching your product. To learn more about making your production more cost-effective with EMS, visit


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