What is Airsoft And What Are Airsoft Guns?

What is Airsoft And What Are Airsoft Guns?

Shooting sports are becoming more and more popular, and the most popular among them is airsoft. It’s an activity that utilizes so-called airsoft guns. Airsoft is an extremely fun activity packed with adrenaline that everybody can easily pick up. In this post we’ll briefly explain what is airsoft is all about and how to prepare for our very first game.

Basic airsoft rules

The most important in airsoft are the replicas (or airsoft guns) – they are weapons that look similar to real firearms but function differently. You can fire from them, but only small BB’s made out of plastic or biodegradable materials. There are different types of airsoft variants, such as speedsoft or CQB games, but generally speaking, it is about two teams fighting against each other. Said teams can take on different roles and thus either play out historical war battles or different scenarios of uniformed services across the globe. Thus, the Taliban and coalition forces, or terrorists and counter-terrorists, can stand and fight against each other in an airsoft match.

Each participant of the game must have basic equipment, which consists of a replica of a weapon, airsoft ammunition – in the form of BBs, as well as protective glasses. Without such a set, we will not be able to join a game, although depending on the game, the requirements may be even more in depth. Typically, players add other accessories to it as well: masks, helmets, tactical clothing and vests. All equipment can easily be ordered online and is available from stores such as Gunfire.com

Airsoft guns are very diverse. We can pick and choose from models that look like real firearms, such as shotguns and airsoft rifles, as well as modern revolvers and submachine guns There are even replicas of weapons used by our favourite characters from Sci-FI movies and video games. All of the replicas look very detailed and realistic, which is why they will also be a treat for weapons collectors, reenactors of historical battles or even cosplayers.

Who is this sport for and how to take part in your very first airsoft game?

Airsoft is a sport that is primarily enjoyed by military and weapons enthusiasts, however, we don’t have to be passionate about any of these activities to find something for ourselves in this sport. Airsoft is also a kind of physical activity, because you do have to run around a fair bit during the games. It is a team game, so we also interact with other people. Strategy and the ability to anticipate the opponent’s moves are also important and part of the game.

If we want to find out for ourselves whether airsoft is a sport for us, we should just try our hand at it. In many cities, there are various business that organize airsoft games. We can rent basic equipment, undergo a short training on how to use the replica and test ourselves in combat. If we won’t like it, we have nothing to lose, and we can always gain a new passion.

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