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After a tough day at work, the best way to unwind and relax is getting a good back massage. However, many working people don’t have the extra time or money to head to a spa for a soothing back rub.

The best solution is to invest in back massagers. Handheld ones provide the same level of comfort and relaxation you normally pay for.

The best thing about handheld back massagers is that they’reable to apply pressure on hard-to-reach areas of the body. People who use these things notice that they experience less strain on their muscles.

​Top Best

Highfly Handheld Percussion Back Massager for Deep Tissue Massage

Highfly Handheld Percussion Back Massager

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  • 6 removable free massage nodes 
  • 12 Percussion modes $ 10 Adjustabale Speeds
  • Power Motor
  • Cordless & Rechargeable
  • Full-body Relaxation

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RENPHO Back Massager - Cordless Handheld Massager with Comfortable Silicone Handle - Rechargeable Electric Deep Tissue Massage for Back Muscle Foot Neck Shoulder Leg Body Pain Relief Car Home Office

RENPHO Back Massager

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  • Simple Control Panel with 4 buttons
  • Four Modes & Five Speeds
  • Power Motor & Safett Design
  • Cordless & Rechargeable
  • Full-body Massage
  • Relieve aches and pains on your body

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Hangsun Handheld Neck Back Massager

Hangsun Handheld Neck Back Massager

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  • 3 Interchangeable Massage Nodes
  • Dual Head Percussion
  • Wide Range Variable Speed Control
  • A Powerful Motor
  • Unrivalled Affordable Massage
  • Massaging your neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, 

​​As inevitable as it is to experience back pains once, in a while, the demand for portable devices that can provide the needy public with immediate, satisfying and affordable option is also pretty high.

Back pains are not only limited to people who spend their days on their feet or bent over due to labor-intensive work. Employees in the corporate world also have their fair share of back pains; and in this oneness of need, we are lucky that there aremany kinds of physical therapy devices to choose from.

Here is a list of some top  “best back massagers handheld” available at amazon

1-Core Products Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager

Jeanie Rub Massager – this is an electric back massager that is designed to deeply penetrate the skin and ease out the kinks in the underlying tissues and muscles. ​

It boasts of cushioned vinyl pads with an oscillating mechanism that naturally massages the muscles. 

​Having started back in 1966, it is now known as one of the most practical and economic back massagers in the market.

Core Products Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager

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2-HoMedics Percussion Action Massage

Homedics Back Massager – another well-known brand for portable, personal physical therapy devices, the Homedics back massager is one of the most widely patronized in the market.

​ It is already established as a high-quality massager: durable and effective in giving users a deep and satisfying massage that relieves pain and relaxes the body.

HoMedics Percussion Action Massage

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​3-​Orbit Massager

Orbit Massager – yet another popular brand for back massage devices, the Orbit massager is very portable and travel-friendly; it can be brought along on trips and tucked in a suitcase full of clothes.

This device uses electric power to run its multi-rotational rollers for an excellent massage.

It also features an unlimited range of motion that enables the user to perform deep reaching personal massages to ease out the tensions in the muscles.

Best Orbit Massager

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​​4-​Thumper Maxi Pro Professional Electric Massager

Thumper Back Massager – these massage devices are very economical, although the quality of the product is assured to be uncompromised.

​There are five different series to choose from, all catering to varying degrees and intensity of massages that are ideal for different persons and situations.

This handheld back massager(known to be a great back massagers hand held the UK too) is great for personal use.

Thumper Maxi Pro Professional Electric Massager

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​​​5-​​Maxi Rub Back Massager

Maxi Rub Back Massager – this is a mid-range back massager that delivers intense massages brought about by electricity-generated vibrations.

​There are only two high-intensity speeds to choose from. Users will experience a deep-reaching massage that can reach deep muscle pains.

It is very easy to use and requires minimum upkeep.

Maxi Rub The Body Relaxer Two Speed Professional Quality Chiropractic Massager

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​6-​​Maxi Rub Back Massager

TheraCane Massager – this portable back massager is known to be very portable and light.

​This makes it easy to access the areas that are generally far from one’s reach.

​Its structure allows the user to achieve satisfying massages by applying more pressure on the back massager.

 Thera Cane Massager: Green

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Make your choice among the best back massagers handheld and get a relaxing massage at any time of the day.

How to Choose a Back Massager

A good back massager would be one with several preset programs for different massage intensities. This feature lets the device deliver various strength levels that match your need. For instance, if your backache is acute, a lower intensity setting is more appropriate. At the same time, the massager should be easy to operate so that you can easily switch between levels.

For really sore muscles, an electronic massager with heat functions can relieve the pain better and faster.

Electronic back massagers, handheld models especially, can go bad. So, check the device’s warranty clause before purchasing.

How to Use

For people who don’t like to play with appliances, here’s a guide on how to use a hand held massager.

If you’re not familiar with your new massager’s settings, try all of the features out and see how they work. Try out the massaging programs to get a feel of the different strength levels. If the gadget features detachable parts, try those out, too.

Most back massagers have to be held in one hand as you sweep across areas of your back that have pain. Massage those areas for 20 minutes a day. If you feel a knot in one area of your back, place the massager on that spot for a longer period. The vibrations from the massager should bring blood flow to that area.

Also, massage the base of your neck. Do it gently and use a low setting. This is to relax the surrounding nerves.

Another way to use a hand held massager is to have someone else do the work. Besides, there may be places you still won’t be able to reach. Get your spouse or significant other to apply pressure on areas where they have a better angle. Then, maybe you can take turns massaging each other. Remember that he or she may like another setting variation.

Aside from an electronic massager, incorporate simple lifestyle changes to your daily routine as well. Use a firm mattress and an ergonomic pillow, and sleep in a supine position. Don’t lie on your back with your neck facing sideways. Otherwise, you put the strain on your neck and back.

5 Reasons to Look for the Best Back Massagers (Hand Held)

Backaches and muscle pains are the bane of a working adult’s life. Not only do they cause extreme discomfort and foul mood, but they also keep people from being 100% efficient in their job and other responsibilities. 

This is why it is imperative to have a reliever close at hand at all times. And I am talking about reliable back massagers hand held. Here are 5 reasons why you should do so:

Reason #1: You want to get your money’s worth.

Even though these are very cheap compared to the whole body massage beds or recliners, every dollar counts these days. You don’t want to waste $45 down the drain because you selected a flimsy and ineffective back massager hand held. Other necessities could have been purchased with that money. This is not just about being a stickler for money; it’s all about practicality.

Reason #2: The best massagers give the best massages.

This is the point of buying a back massager in the first place. There are many kinds of back massagers in the market. Customers will benefit greatly if they spare a couple of minutes mulling over which brand and what type of massager can give them the best back massage, or a very satisfying one at the very least. 

Of course, a very good massage is what a stressed body needs. It relieves tight muscles, lessens back pain and removes the sores and stress off the body.

Reason #3: It isn’t just for the back.

Another good thing about handheld back massager is that you can also use them for other parts of the body that are feeling sore. Usually, these are the muscles in the arms and legs. You can even do a full, self-body massage if you wish to. 

This depends on the build and design of the massager you buy (some are contoured to accommodate rear-directional massaging only) though — and this is yet another reason why you need to take time choosing a back massager. In the USA, there are many known back massagers; one review we got for back massagers hand held the USA is the TheraCane.

Reason #4: Only the durable ones will last long.

When you say a product is one of the best, it goes without saying that it also excels in the durability department. Having a durable massager does secure not only more relaxing massages but also less extra expenses.

Reason #5: It is the most affordable and within-reach option instead of a spa.

A person will not always have the opportunity or time to go to a spa or enlist the services of a masseuse. On the other hand, anyone can use these massagers anytime and anywhere.

​Portable back massagers are just the thing for a tired and sore back. Of course, to get optimum results from such handheld devices, it would be best to look for the best back massagers (handheld). Truly, it is more worth the effort to find one than to grab and purchase the nearest massager on the shelf.

Safety Tips for Electric Hand Held Back Massagers

Any gadget run by electricity requires careful handling and proper usage. Even the simplest electric devices may cause physical harm. No matter how small or large that potential for harm may be, it is always best not to take chances and practice the recommended safety precautions for such devices. 

 So does it go with back massagers handheld?

Such is the case of electric hand-held back massagers. These portable devices for self-massage are generally safe and are manufactured with the highest safety precautions, but nothing is foolproof. Whether by design flaws or careless handling, there are still many possibilities for accidents. However, you can avoid them all with the right preventive measures.

How to Prevent Accidents?

It is SOP for any electrical device, appliance or gadget to be stored in dry places. They must be kept away from moisture. Place them in a separate drawer or any dry storage space.

If you are planning to store the massager together with other wired electrical appliances, be sure to loop the wires and tie them neatly. A lot of accidents, some leading to fires, occur when wires short circuit because of breaks in the wires. This can happen when we tug around wires and untangle them from other objects.

Never leave the massager plugged when not in use.

Be alert and watch out for burning smells when using the electric massager, especially if you amp up the massage settings.

Read the instruction manual of the massager carefully. A high-quality massager should come with an informative manual that will also direct you about how to operate, clean and properly store the device.

Once there are signs of wire damage, have it replaced immediately; and if there are already signs of deterioration, dispose of the device properly.

Safe and Proper Use of Electric Massagers

Do not immediately use the highest massage settings of your electric massager. Let your body acclimate to it properly, especially if it is a new model. Start with the lowest settings first, then slowly upgrade if you like.

It is safest to consult a doctor first if you intend to use the massager on recurring pains in the body, like migraines and neck pains. If there is an underlying complication, using the electric massager could worsen the situation instead of remedying it.

Be very careful in massaging areas near the carotid artery and lateral neck area. To be safe, do not use electric massagers on your neck at all.

Pregnant women in their first trimester should not use electric back massagers. Shallow massages should suffice to ease their back pains. According to medical advice, only women who are well past their 36th week of pregnancy can be subject to any form of professional massages.

I am using a massager more than twice a day for more than 20 minutes can cause more pain and muscle injury.

These are simple tips that will let you enjoy the pleasures of electric hand-held back massagers without any worry.

If you are really looking for its perfect brand then select anyone from the above table with full confidence. Because all these brands are brought after a long search. 

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