Men’s Diamond Watches and Jewelry Reviews

Thanks for stopping to read a little something on men’s diamond watches. Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but most guys don’t mind taking her best friend out on occasion.

 Men’s diamond watches allow you to do that without the additional fallout that would come with taking her OTHER best friend out on the town. Flashy, sharp and believe it or not manly, diamond watches for men are not Liberace with a band. 

Check out some of the reviews we have to offer on some of the best brands and deal in the exciting world of men’s diamond watches.

1-Bulova Men’s Diamond-Accented Watch: 

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Bulova makes a solid watch that is more than functional yet understated. Their watches have a “serious” look to them without being overly flashy. Priced a bit on the high end for their class, the Boluva retains its value though and is a solid investment as a timepiece. Most Bulova owners love their watches and the accuracy and “professional, yet classy” look of them. Overall I’d give Bulova thumbs up. 

2-Akribos Men’s Dazzling Diamond Chronograph:

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 A watch is a watch that has always been the theory. But when the watch is as big and shiny as an Akribos can be it has to be called a chronograph. Akribos watches are flashy and usually pretty large. Their designs are not traditional by a sense which makes them stand out from the crowd. For accuracy in timekeeping, these watches will do the job, so you don’t get lost in the crowd and make it where you need to be on time. Thumbs up.

3-Invicta Men’s Diamond Watch: 

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Priced around the same as the Bulova, with a slightly different skew but same taste range as the Bulova, the Invicta makes a name for its self though. Large but not bulky, the main complaint about this watch is that it could potentially blind someone! Seriously though, for the money, the Invicta is a great steal. Be careful when purchasing one though, the date dials and the 1/10 second dials seem to be interchangeable with some customers complaining they thought they were getting the 1/10 dial and had to deal with knowing the date instead.

4-Joshua & Sons Dazzling Diamond Chronograph: 

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Here we go with the “chronograph” again. Joshua $ Sons make a fine diamond watch. To emphasize the flashiness of the face, J&S tend to ship their watches with leather bands, leaving the owner to decide to go shinier or not. Still, this approach forces the eye to shift to the stunning faces of their watches, and that really stand out in a crowd. The understated bands lend more punch to the effect of the beautiful and sometimes innovated watches that Joshua and Sons produce. I’d give them a mid-thumb as I’d love to see them with a stainless or gold band to see how they stack up.

5-Citizen Men’s Eco Series by Citizen:

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 These diamond watches are about as un-ostentatious as they come. They are very understated for a diamond watch and don’t offer the innovation that some of their competitors do as far as design goes. Still, they are rock solid on the inside, and for the person who wants a diamond watch but is not into the bling and flashiness that accompany such an item, this is a good watch for them.

6-Joe Rodeo Men’s Diamond Watches:

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 This is not exactly one of my favorites, but as mom used to say, “if you don’t have anything nice to say…” These watches are flashy beyond flashy. Joes Rodeo found a way to put diamonds where there can’t possibly be a diamond. The prices reflect the sheer volume of stones put onto each piece. I’d wear one to the VMAs maybe but to the local pub or business meeting? Probably not. These watches are for the “man about town” on Saturday night and not for Monday morning meetings. Still, for the value, there are a few deals on the internet which bring them a little more down to earth for we mere mortals on a budget to purchase one.

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