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Whether you’re young or old, there’s nothing quite like a good board game to bring the family together. From classic games like Candy land and Sorry! to more modern favorites like Risk and Settlers of Catan, these games have something for everyone. But with so many games out there, how do you know which ones are the best?

The following list is some of our favorite board games that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. For more information about these games (and others) please visit BoardGamingLife .com .

1. Cashflow 101 (Cashflow Clubhouse Games; 2005; New York, NY)

Cashflow 101 is a great game for children to help develop early math skills, as well as financial literacy. Players are taught concepts like cashflow (the amount of money coming in vs. the amount going out), compound interest , balance sheets, and more via the use of bright colors, simple illustrations, and humorous writing. At no point will your child feel bored or frustrated, as they are actively engaged throughout the game.

2. Catan (Catan Studios; 1996; Hunt Valley, MD)

Settlers of Catan is an enduring classic that was recently inducted into the Games Magazine Hall of Fame. The game takes some strategy but is easy enough for kids to learn. Players must cooperate with one another in order to build roads and settlements on the island of Catan. Being the first one to gain 10 victory points is the way to win, but if you spend too much time hoarding resources it may be your undoing.

3. Chess (Wolff Design; 2007; Hillsborough, NC)

While chess is a good game for all ages to learn and enjoy, the presentation of this classic can’t be overlooked. Designed by former middle school math teacher Mark Wolff, Chess!A Game of Strategy beautifully brings together both age-old pieces and updated graphics. With the game having sold over 70,000 copies, it’s clear to see why it has become so popular.

4. Citadels (ABACUSSPIELE; 2000; Rüsselsheim, Germany)

Citadels is a very popular and award winning card game that consists of eight rounds. The goal is to form districts within the city, which will allow you to produce more goods or collect taxes. Using both strategy and luck, Citadels appeals to players of all ages.

5. Connect Four (Milton Bradley; 1974; Springfield, MA)

Connect Four is another great game to play with the whole family. It’s easy enough for younger players to learn, but challenging enough to keep everyone entertained for hours on end. The object is simple- get four discs in a row before your opponent does. You can either jump over your opponent’s pieces or block them from dropping their piece into one of the seven columns. Keep reading to learn more about the game.

6. Cranium (Cranium, Inc.; 1998; Stamford, CT)

Cranium is a fantastic family activity that will have everyone laughing for hours on end. In this fast-paced drawing and sculpting game, you can choose to draw a picture of your food craving (while wearing a blindfold), perform silly actions to entertain the masses, or sculpt using clay and other cool tools. There’s no way your family won’t love this game!

7. Dohdles! (Creative Wonders; 2001; Mountain View, CA)

Dohdles is a fun and creative way for little ones to learn the alphabet. It will teach kids how to spell, while at the same time keeping their motor skills sharp. Kids pick from four different doh-dles to work on letters, which unlock fun mini games designed by kids for kids.

8. Foosball (Parker Brothers; 1976; Salem, MA)

While table foosball was initially meant for adults to relax in their homes, it has become a classic board game with which whole families can have fun. This tabletop version is quick and easy to learn, but still provides hours of entertainment with friends.

9. Go (Milton Bradley; 1970; Springfield, MA)

Go is an extremely popular board game that has players learn how to surround their opponent’s pieces by claiming as many intersections on the board as possible. Players must try to surround their opponent’s pieces, but they cannot capture them within the first 20 moves. The game is easy enough for children to learn, while still providing a challenge for adults.

10. King’s Quest (Sierra Online; 1984; Oakhurst, CA)

King’s Quest is the first installment of this now-defunct series that put players in the shoes of Sir Graham as he sets out to save Daventry from an evil tyrant. This game provided hours upon hours of game play and was one of the most popular games of its time.


Each of these games has captured the attention and imagination of children for decades. From board games to video game, there’s something here that will excite every member in your family! If you’re looking for a great gift idea or just want to get back some childhood nostalgia, be sure not miss out on any one of these fun titles.


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