WHO IS model Kylin Kalani?

WHO IS model Kylin Kalani?

Kylin Kalani is an international model, TV personality and fashion designer. Born in Hawaii to a Hawaiian mother and American father, she spent her childhood living between the United States of America and Japan. This upbringing has given Kylin an appreciation for both Eastern culture as well as Western culture, which she believes has shaped her into the woman she is today.

Kylin Kalani Bio, Age, Birthday

What is Kylin Kalani’s ethnicity?

Kylin Kalani is of mixed ancestry – her mother is Japanese and her father (deceased) was American. This makes Kylin Kalani a Japanese-American blend.

Where does model Kylin Kalani come from?

Most recently, Kylin has returned to New York City where she continues to model and create new designs for her clothing line.

What is Kylin Kalani’s nationality?

Kylin Kalani is American. All details of Kylin’s life point to her having been born in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA – making her an American citizen by birthright.

Where is Kylin from?

Kylin Kalani was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. She also lived as a child in Japan and elsewhere as her parents worked for the US military. Kylin is fluent in both English and Japanese.

Where does model Kylin Kalani live?

Kylin now lives New York City where she continues to develop her modelling and fashion design careers.

What is Kylin Kalani famous for?

Kylin is notable in the modelling industry for her unique looks and Caucasian-Japanese heritage. She has also made numerous TV appearances on shows such as Dr Phil, Millionaire Matchmaker and others.

How old is model Kylin Kalani?

Kylin Kalani is currently in her mid 20s. She celebrated her 25th birthday in 2011 and was born on 29 September 1986.

What ethnicity does Kylin Kalani have?

Kylin Kalani’s mother is Japanese while her father has European ancestry – making Kylin a blend of Caucasian, Oriental and Asian. As such, she has no specific ethnicity. Kylin’s cultural background is mixed – she was born and raised in the USA but speaks Japanese as well as English (and is fluent in each).

WHAT does model Kylin Kalani do?

Kylin is not only a world class international fashion model, but also an inspirational figure to many girls who look up to her as a role model of strength and beauty. Her TV career includes appearing on the 2010 season of America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 13), where she was the runner-up.

WHERE can you find model Kylin Kalani?

She has recently returned from the Philippines, where she filmed for an international TV show, which will be aired internationally very soon. She is currently back in Australia continuing her work with several Australian and US companies and agencies. As a world class fashion model she travels all over the world for work, but calls Australia her home.

WHY should Kylin Kalani come to your town?

Kylin is not only an international fashion model, but also a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. She has recently launched her own children’s clothing line called ‘Kaly Collection’ which can be found online at www.kalycollection.com.

She is also an ambassador for several organisations, including sunscreen company ‘Cancer Council’ and animal rescue society ‘SPCA’.

Kylin is often the subject of media attention across many different platforms, where she has been featured on several high profile TV shows internationally, as well as major newspapers. She is a firm believer in the power of social media and has a substantial following across all her social media platforms.


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