Christmas Horse: Welsh Tradition That Has Been Banned

Christmas Horse: Welsh Tradition That Has Been Banned

Christmas Horse; Do you know the Welsh Christmas horse? If not, you probably should. This tradition has been banned in many parts of the world but is still popular in Wales. The Welsh Christmas horse is a creature that’s usually made out of straw or hay. It’s decorated with colorful ribbons and is ridden around during Christmas celebrations. Some people see the Welsh Christmas horse as a symbol of Christmas happiness and joy. Others find it offensive because it represents pagan traditions. Regardless of your opinion, it’s fascinating to learn about a tradition that’s been banned in many parts of the world but remains popular in Wales. Read on to learn more about this quirky yet festive tradition.

What is a Christmas Horse?

Christmas in Wales is a time to be with family and friends, enjoy the festive season, and of course, celebrate the Christmas horse. The tradition of giving a horse as a gift at Christmas has been around for centuries, but it is now considered an invasive species in many parts of the world.

The Christmas horse is a Welsh creation that typically features a brightly-colored coat and is often ridden into town on Christmas Day. There are many different stories behind how the tradition started, but most believe that it was started by the Welsh soldiers who were stationed near Britain’s forests during the late 18th century. They would ride their horses into town to buy presents for their families back home and would bring along their celebrated animals as well.

Over time, the Christmas horse became popular throughout Wales and people began buying them as gifts for others. However, because this tradition does not exist in other parts of the world (where horses are not native), it has been deemed an invasive species and was banned in some areas of Wales starting in 1984. In recent years, however, Santa has taken to riding his reindeer instead of a Welsh horse into town so that everyone can enjoy this festive tradition regardless of where they live.

Welsh Tradition of Giving a Christmas Horse

The Welsh tradition of giving a Christmas horse has been banned by the government but is still practiced in some rural areas. The tradition dates back to the 16th century when people would give horses as gifts to their friends and family. The horses were chosen for their strength and endurance and were often given to the poorest members of society.

Today, the tradition of giving a Christmas horse is still practiced in some rural areas of Wales. Families will typically give a horse to someone they know is hardworking and deserving. Some families will also give a horse to charity.

Why Was the Tradition Banned?

The Welsh tradition of horse racing on Christmas Day has been banned by the Welsh government for many years. The reason behind this is that horses are often raced too hard and can be injured or even killed. Some people in Wales feel that the tradition is barbaric and should be discontinued. Others claim that a tradition is a harmless form of entertainment.

How to Celebrate the Tradition in Wales Today?

The Welsh tradition of celebrating Christmas on a horse has been banned in recent years, but it is still celebrated popularly throughout Wales. There is a legend that states that the first Christians in Wales rode on horses to tell the Gospel to pagans. Today, many families still celebrate Christmas by going out riding their horses.

To celebrate Christmas in Wales, families go out riding on their horses and visit family and friends. They will often have a festive dinner cooked on horseback and will also play traditional games such as horseshoes and brass rubbings. Some people also make garlands from fresh fruit and ride around town in decorated sleighs.


The Welsh Christmas horse is a tradition that has been banned in some parts of the UK but is still popular in other parts of the world. The Christmas horse is an ornate carousel horse that usually features a reindeer or elf riding on it. Some people believe that the Welsh Christmas horse is steeped in pagan symbolism and should be avoided during this religious holiday season. Others simply enjoy seeing how creative people can get with their holiday decorations. Whatever your opinion on the Welsh Christmas horse, it’s worth noting that it has a fairly unique history and deserves to be explored further.

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