How Good Is iTop VPN?

How Good Is iTop VPN?

You should never compromise on quality when getting a VPN for Windows. There are several VPN services in the market and each claim to be the finest. Some live up to the claim, while others are a disappointment.

iTop VPN is one of the services that live up to the tag of being the best services, a sentiment shared by many clients. So, what is good about iTop VPN? This utility has many appealing factors that you will appreciate once you get to use it. Let us look at some of them.

A Versatile Product

One of the things to love about this VPN for Windows is its versatility, an attribute evident in various aspects. First of all, you can use it on many devices. It is primarily a Windows product that works with all versions of this operating system. Also, it is compatible with Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It is not every day that you find a VPN that works with both PCs and mobile devices.

Its versatility is also present in its multipurpose functionality. We will look at the functionality later on in this piece. A single account can support up to five devices. Additionally, iTop has four packages to pick from, each with its benefits that you will appreciate depending on your preferences.


Functionality is another aspect that shows you how good a computing utility is. iTop VPN is very practical, with many supporting features. The main role of a VPN is to grant you browsing security, something it does to its best.

It has the anti-phishing feature to block websites from accessing your data. The antitracking feature curbs trackers from knowing your location by hiding your IP address. Other features that up this VPN’s functionality are the private browser, split tunneling, auto trace shredder, and ad blocker.

The Free Version

iTop is among the best free VPN for PC providers you can lay your hands on. As a new user, you can start with the free VPN to see what it has in store for you. Available features include access to 16 serves and 700MB of data and bandwidth. While the features appear limited for a VPN, they are excellent for your learning to help you know what this product is all about.

Discounted Paid Plans

If you want more features on iTop VPN, you have to go for the premium packages. There are three subscriptions to pick from, lasting 12, 24, and 36 months.  These packages come with plenty of perks, like unlimited data and bandwidth, access to almost 2000 servers worldwide, and ten times faster internet.

The plans are heavily discounted at the moment. For instance, you get an 86% discount if you opt into the 36-month package.

Final Thought

iTop VPN is hands-down one of the top VPN providers to bank on, evident by the niceties it has for you. You are sure of all-around browsing security when you buy into its services. Enjoy the free VPN as a new user, then, later on, go for the premium plans for more resources and great discounts.

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