Why Regulatory Software is a Must and Nimonik inc. is Needed

Why Regulatory Software is a Must and Nimonik inc. is Needed

Regulatory compliance is a necessity for every modern company operating legally. Every legal company is basically “fenced” by a set of rules, laws, and standards that apply to the line of business in which the company is located (operating).

The organized completion

Regulatory compliance applications are the organized completion of a distinct set of tasks. 

Examples include verifying controls, storing and processing detailed records, and testing evidence. One niche in regulatory compliance management is that relating to health and safety in the workplace. Regulatory compliance in occupational health and safety management is difficult to achieve manually because it involves a lot of data. We’re talking about an organization or company where there are so many people who are active in it.

Possible unpleasant consequences

Violation of rules, laws, or standards can have unpleasant consequences. Some of them may be mild or “negligible”, but most are bound to have very serious consequences for the company and the people in it.

For example violation of compliance with regulations when managing mining products. It can result in the worker’s disability or loss of life. If so, there will be an investigation from related parties which will at least give the company full days of investigation which involves a lot of costs, and not infrequently the company’s operations stop. In some cases, work accidents can lead to a permanent cessation of company operations!

A new approach for regulatory compliance

In the past, most companies would carry out what’s called an occupational health and safety risk assessment. Others would hire a health and safety consultant to keep the company compliant with all relevant regulations, laws, and industry standards. Today, there is a more practical approach that is sure to save them money without compromising their own health and safety. By no means compromising the judgment standards they set in the past!

The new approach is an approach based on regulatory compliance software or often abbreviated as just regulatory software. The software ensures its users do not violate applicable laws, regulations, and standards. This type of software is basically an extension of methods that have been done in the past but done in an automated format. Not only that, in general, regulatory software has advantages in the field of databases. That means the software can support much more data (standards, regulations, and laws) than conventional approaches, say an occupational health and safety consultant with his handbook. There are several types of regulatory software “on the market” but only a few of them are completely safe. One of them is the regulatory software developed by Nimonik inc..

The regulatory software by Nimonik

The software is capable of performing multiple tasks in one suite; identifying your company’s obligations to comply with laws, regulations, and standards, taking actions to follow up on those obligations, and finally conducting an audit of all actions taken. As regulatory software, Nimonik’s regulatory software is compatible with popular standards such as ISO 14001, 45001, and 9001. It is also designed to accommodate compliance management needs for organizations with a workforce of 500 to 25 thousand people. Thus this regulatory software can cover the majority of companies operating in our country.

Always updated

Last year alone, there were 40 thousand of new regulations and standards issued. This fantastic number certainly cannot be handled by conventional approaches. Nimonik’s regulatory software is always updated. In other words, you as a user will not miss any information about the new regulations that have been set. The risk of your company breaking them inadvertently can be reduced.


Regulatory software is a must within the scope of a modern company or organization to ensure that there are no violations of applicable regulations, standards, and laws. Nimonic inc. as an EHS software development company has created regulatory software that can meet the needs of compliance management for companies or organizations with 500 to 25 thousand people involved in it. Based on these facts, Nimonik’s regulatory software is part of the best modern solutions for regulatory compliance.


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